Monday, November 17, 2008

the plague

i am convinced that i have the plague this past week and a half. i have a terrible fear of doctors since i have to go to them so often for all my mystery illnesses so i was avoiding it. but now my teeth ache, my back aches, my headaches, and i shared my breakfast with the front walk of my apartment complex. so i must see the doctor tomorrow. no excuses this time.

prudence has been keeping me company. however i'm afraid i was too sick to pay much attention to her. i haven't been a very good mommy this week. my roommate informed me that pru had pooped under the sofa and i got so mad at her only to find out that she had somehow blocked her own litter box and was probably desperate for the bathroom!! her box is in a cabinet so i changed the litter and opened all the doors and called it a day. ever since, she has come and thanked me with kisses once an hour. so cute. i've been too tired and too sick this weekend so i called in sick to all my shifts and laid in bed with some gold fish and the entire series of upstairs downstairs. this show is just like seeing old friends. i get so attached to all my favorite characters and i cry when they die or are written off the show. it seems the further into the series, the more people they start killing off. i have one more dvd to watch but i can't bring myself to do it so i'm watching from the middle again. i know what happens in that last episode and it's silly but i don't think i'm emotionally ready for it.

i've tried to work on my etsy store but i'm too sick to actually list new items. i tried having a sale but haven't had a single purchase in over a week. i've practically quit my job at this point so i really need to see the sales pour in soon. i hear that next week is the beginning of holiday shopping. i guess that sounds right, but i wasn't even aware of what time of year it was. hopefully people want to give vintage things away as gifts this year. my collection is too big and overtaking my living room and my pockets are too empty and i should probably give my landlord some money after my display this morning.

here's a picture/ad i made to advertise/spam some communities on livejournal. however i haven't gotten around to it. too busy not finishing important papers that are due in thirty minutes.

i found a new feature on my camera and was messing around with it but found it funny how sick i looked in the pictures. i was trying to smile and be pretty but all my black plague showed up in every photos. i grabbed prudence and she made up for my ugly mug.

and this last one is just too funny. because i wasn't trying to look this way. i'm just sick!


W. J. St. Christopher said...

Oh, no! You sound so sick and sad -- and I mean really sick and sad, not slang sick and sad!

I hope it's just the flu and that you're almost over it. Hurry and feel better so you can get your store and your stuff spruced up for the the millions of "Black Friday" shoppers! (That's my goal.)

Prudence is an angel -- look at those fabulous ears!

kim* said...

me too i have been sick. hives, bad breathing problems...from the fire and heat...get well soon friend!

Forever Foxed said...

Hope you're feeling better by the time you read this. Have you finished Upstairs Downstairs yet? I'm curious as to how you discovered it in the first place!