Monday, November 3, 2008

all hallow's eve

As promised, here are the pictures from Halloween.

My roommate Jenifer and I had so much fun Halloween night. I work at a museum that is the oldest home in Austin, Texas and Jenifer and I got to dress up as two of the dead spinster daughters that lived in the home in the 1800's. One of the daughters even was born and died in the canopy bed that is still in the master bedroom whereas the other daughter merely died in that bed. One of the other museum aids, Joann is convinced that the house is haunted and that she has witnessed paranormal activity on multiple occasions. You would have thought that this would have frightened me. And it did. I refused to be alone in the attic and I never once set foot in the cellar. I carried a fake candle in every room and made sure I said only good things about the dead family members. However I had so much fun rattling door knobs and slamming doors and creeping up and down the stairs with a blank, otherworldly expression and pretending to embroider on the landing surrounded by candles.

Also, this opportunity gave Jenifer and I a chance to wear the vintage wedding dresses that we purchased over the summer at a garage sale. Honestly, what other opportunity would two single females have to wear these dresses without seeming insane. The make up and hair was fun to recreate too. We spent hours researching victorian hair styles only to realize at the last minute we had neither the tools nor the proper amount of hair to carry them off and ended up just ratting and pinning our hair into place. Finished off with layer upon layer of green concealer and purple eyeshadow and we were brilliantly creepy.

I never celebrated Halloween growing up so this was quite the experience. The night also included a solo artist who played his guitar and sang on the front lawn and a showing of Young Frankenstein which reminded me of my love of Gene Wilder all over again.

And now, pictures :)

fyi. both of these wedding dresses plus two more and a veil are for sale in our etsy shop.

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Ginger said...

You guys are perfectly creepy. That looks like so much fun!