Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Buttons!!

So I just bought these from WistfulSupplies and I honestly cannot wait to get them in the mail!

As I previously mentioned, I received hundreds of vintage buttons the other day and already listed a few lots in my etsy, but I kept a few for myself! One of my favorite things to do with vintage buttons is to make rings out of them! Vintage buttons look so perfect as rings. You know you always want to touch pretty and unique buttons when you see them on garments, so what better way than to make them an ornament for your hand. And I have a lot of fun sorting them and arranging them and admiring them as I decide on the best way to pair them :) Buttons really are addicting and I don't have much time or patience for painting anymore so I think this will be a great creative release!

But now I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten the gold ones :( Maybe next time.

Here are some rings I've made in the past. Some have already sold, but the rest can be found in my etsy shop!

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Forever Foxed said...

I'd NEVER have thought of making rings from buttons. I guess I should just stick to greeting cards, lol!