Wednesday, November 5, 2008

cat tortures.

As I have mentioned before, my roommate and I have two very awful indoor cats. They are the loves of our lives as well as the bane of our existences. Probably more so the loves of our lives. But that is up for debate on a daily basis. Mine is six months old and has an obsession with straws and napkins right now. I can't seem to figure out where she finds the things she distributes throughout my usually clean downstairs, but the upstairs is a lost cause. I can't clean up after her. I will wait until she is older to worry about having a clean abode.

This post is dedicated to Sushi (who is possessed by the devil). She only likes Jenifer and will scratch and hiss at me if I come within a foot of her. I've started hissing at her when she comes near me too. I think this should go both ways. You agree? She's about three or four years old. Not really sure. I could ask Jenifer but she's not home now.

Also it's dedicated to Prudence. The love of my adult life. She is six months old and wonderful and hilarious and awful and annoying and cute as a button. I can't wait for her to get older and to learn that no means no and good cats don't bite when they want their way. She warbles like a turkey and flings herself at chairs and bookshelves and curtains. Daily I find new things she has shoved irretrievably under door frames. But she sleeps on a pillow on my bed at night. She sings to me in the morning. She plays with a felt strawberry. And she dines out of vintage sugar bowls. I truly love her. Even though she smells like gerbils. Flings litter all over my room. And SINGS TO ME IN THE MORNING!! SIX IN THE MORNING!! SOMETIMES FIVE!!

She is six months old now. But the pictures in this post are from when she was two months old.



Forever Foxed said...

Those are cute photos! I used to be a cat person until I switched sides so I can still appreciate a bit of kitty cuteness!

Manderly-Rose said...

OMG! My Cleo (1-2 years) likes to wake me in the middle of the night scratching furniture...just enough to wake me. I yank her off whatever she's scratching, and she starts purring, curls up next to me, and demands to be petted. Oh, she also finds ANYTHING she can carry in her mouth to put in the food and water so that Max can't eat or drink...My Max is 6 years now, and still pouts, scratches at my shoulder to wake me, lays on my chest and snuggles, and follows me like a dog. He finally outgrew destructiveness...Good luck!

The Blended Splendid said...

your kitty looks much like a kitty I used to have! So sweet and scratchy!! I wish I could rub your kitty's little furry tummy!!