Saturday, November 8, 2008

cute as a button.

My friend Patsy gave me an entire bag of vintage buttons as "payment" for listing some things online for her. There were hundreds of them all sorted out in colors in separate baby food jars. At first I thought I should keep them. ALL OF THEM. I love buttons and at first I really convinced myself that I needed every single one. But I talked some sense into my head and dumped out each baby food jar and took photos of them to list online. About twenty jars in all.

Until two nights ago when I decided I needed to go through each jar again and resort. I am so OCD. I am always reorganizing already organized things. each shelf in my room is designated for one single item. I have baskets with unimportant organizational duties. So buttons? I needed to resort and relabel them. I ended up with about forty different "lots". And I stole about fifteen that I could not bear to part with.

I'll slowly start listing them over the next few days. Since I got them for free and am only trying to make back what it cost me to list things lately, I'm selling them for really cheap. Buttons are wonderful things and can be used for anything your imagination can think up. Even can be used for keeping clothing closed and modest ;P

I've listed a few already but I'm so busy lately that I haven't had time to list them all. Also someone told me recently that it's not wise to post all of one thing in one day. To spread your listings out. So I'm trying that out for a while. I'll post some buttons one day. And then I'll post some skirts. Maybe a few more cardigans another. Eventually we'll get around to listing all forty lots of buttons. Hopefully this will get business back. It's been so slow this week. I've only sold one thing.

More buttons.

as usual. you can purchase these items at my etsy vintage store :)

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Crafty Mama said...

Ooo, I LOVE buttons! And yes, I understand the need to sort an re-sort. It's never quite perfect enough.