Sunday, November 9, 2008

my new favorite pair of shoes!!

The very first thing I ever look for when I go thrifting is shoes. I've always been this way. One of my first words was shoes. For my first birthday my mother gave me a cabbage patch doll and the first thing I said when I saw her was "shoes".

My whole life I've collected shoes and when I started selling my awesome finds online I realized that the things I am the most passionate about is shoes. Obviously I obsess over all types of vintage things but if we're completely honest, I'd just as soon have a store where I sell nothing but vintage shoes. I love selling on etsy because it gives me that excuse to run and grab something amazing when I see it. I don't even need to try it on anymore. I know I want it. I know I NEED it. Let's face it. Selling vintage clothing on etsy is code for "I've allowed myself to use no restraint when I go thrifting."

Granted my heart does always break a little once I get home and I in fact do NOT fit into a particularly amazing pair of shoes. But when someone else buys them, I feel better. MUCH better. Not only do I get to buy groceries and pay my bills but someone out there has fallen in love with the same pair of shoes I fell in love with weeks before and will get way more use out of them than I did with them sitting in a box in my etsy closet.

But today I might have found my favorite shoes yet! No I take that back. Because today was particularly lucky because I found my two favorite shoes yet. But I'm keeping one pair. It's not selfish when you only keep one pair out of the dozen you've thrifted in the last month :)

These are the ones I'm keeping. Amazing. No?

They are a size too big for me but really comfy nonetheless and look really cute with skinny jeans. Perhaps it is just the history nerd in me that thinks I need this pair of shoes that are too big for me. Perhaps I will just list them for one million billion dollars and that way if no one buys them I can keep them and if not, hey, I will have ONE MILLION BILLION DOLLARS!

And I recently cut my hair and took this picture at work to show my mom. Just in case you were wondering, this is what I look like sans victorian ghost make-up ;P

please forgive the camera phone quality.

and as usual, if you're interested in these shoes they are listed in my etsy store!

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