Monday, December 1, 2008

what's new pussy cat

Oh my. It has been a very long time since I last wrote.

I have been very sick and was VERY unproductive for two weeks. It was awful except for the part where I lost a ton of weight and finally quit my awful job for good. I kept my bangs pinned back the entire duration of my sickness and pulled them down two weeks later to find they had grown out to a really awkward look. Now I have to decide whether I'm growing them out or cutting them again. Decisions decisions.

I finally started to feel a bit better two days before I went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving with my family. Why Arkansas you ask? Who knows. My dad planned the trip and it was just as uneventful as it sounds but I got to do some really fun thrifting with my family.

My little brother William who is the highlight of my life was so sweet. I told him I was looking for owls, cats, birds, and vegetables. He got really into it and kept showing me every little thing. I was so overwhelmed as it was this cluttered antique mall/flea market. But I'm so excited about my finds. I wish I was better at promoting myself as I think some of the things I have in my shop would sell instantly if only I could get the right number of views. But I'm so lazy.

William also helped me later that night to list the items. We set up a light box with a drawer and a pillow and used my dad's camera. He kept making me laugh at the insane things he wanted me to include in my listings. He was so sarcastic and corny. Kept trying to get me to write "for your ... needs" on every listing. "For all your hanging needs"..."for all your kitty cat needs"..."for all your reading glass needs". It was so funny and not very helpful.

I didn't sell a single thing on Black Friday! That means I didn't sell a thing last week. How depressing. I was getting so excited when I sold a record of TEN things last week. I was hoping the next week would be the same. Maybe it is my prices. I list things competitively but also on the high end. I want my money's worth and I only list things that are in fabulous condition. Mah stuffz good. But maybe no one has money anymore?

So I decided to have a sale starting Monday going through Thursday of this week. Everything in my store is going to be 25% off and it's going to be pretty rad. I needs some rent and tuition monies. I've done all my Christmas shopping. I just need to pay my rent. And feed my belly.

Here are my Arkansas thrifted finds :) You can click on the photos and it takes you to the listing. I am very clever ;P

all of these things plus some really great vintage clothing I listed before the break can be found at my vintage store :) If you mention "Cyber Monday", I'll give you 25% off of anything in my store! YAY!


TheresaJ said...

Great finds! Great blog! And you and your brother are so adorable!

Jess said...

Ha your brother looks straight out of the seventies in those glasses!
what cute blog! I'll definetly be checkin out your shop too!!

kim* said...

aw- what a sweet entry sharing your brotherly and sisterly love. it made my heart all warm and toasty. :)

Paper Lady Invites said...

Love what you found! I'm going to go check out your store. I bet you'll sell some this week!