Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just found these photos on my computer of my kitten prudence. I have been trying to take photos of her each month so that I can track her growth but it appears that I stopped after four months? I'll do some more digging. Hopefully I documented month five and six because she's almost seven months old now! And everyday she is getting better and sweeter and more docile. She is sleeping on my arm right now in fact and it's making it hard to type without waking her but she never used to cuddle me involuntarily so I'm enjoying it so much lately. She sits still when you walk up to her and lets you pick her up without struggling or biting or clawing.

I never thought I'd be a cat person. I went through a really hard break up and was thinking a pet would make me feel better and now that I was no longer dating someone deathly allergic to cats, I thought it would be ok. A week later a coworker called me and told me she had rescued a runt that had been rejected by its litter and would I like to have her. I took that as a sign and got in my car immediately to go pick her up...stopping at the store for kitten milk and an eye dropper first. And oh man, was she hideous!! HAHAHAH. She was so dirty and flea ridden and had conjunctivitis and the funniest pointy tail and she had gotten into an ant bed and had little scabs and a bit of her ear bitten off. But she wasn't shy, that's for certain!

As soon as I gave her a couple of flea baths, I discovered that she was actually the MOST precious cat I'd ever seen . She had perfect circles on both of her sides and spots on her tummy and stripes on her legs. And this little tiny pig snout and she was always playing this hissing game with me where she'd try and sneak up at me and make this "fick" sound. As she grows her markings are less obvious and she doesn't "fick" at me anymore but she does sing to me in the morning and clean my face from time to time.

She really has had a long road getting to the point she is at today though. She is JUST learning that no means no and to not open every single cabinet in the kitchen and to not bite. Sometimes she does this almost bite and then backs off at the last minute. It's really cute. And she has just recently learned to sit/lay/be still. I can hold her almost as long as I want and she doesn't constantly try to attack our other cat.

The reason she is named Prudence is after the Beatles song Dear Prudence. My roommate claims that during the first week we had her, while I was at work, she was listening to the Beatles in her room with both of the cats in there with her and once that song came on her itunes, Prudence jumped on her bed and laid down and slept and was STILL for the first time. One of my favorite characters ever is Lady Prudence Fairfax from the British tv series Upstairs Downstairs and I had already decided to give her a British name, so I thought the name was perfect. And honestly I can't imagine a more suitable name for her.

I honestly can't imagine my life without her now. She greets me at the door when I get home from work or school. She sleeps in the bed with me. She kisses me to show her affection and appreciation. And she is honestly hours of entertainment and company. I think my life would be completely and utterly depressing without her.

Which is why my blog/twitter, etc is named after her. I'd have named my etsy after her but I hadn't gotten her yet.

OH MAN. This post is definitely TL;DR. HAHA. so here are pictures for getting through all of this. I'm so used to livejournal where you can cut out all the non-interesting text.


Forever Foxed said...

Oh my, Upstairs Downstairs! That's a bit of a blast from the past.
Prudence sounds like a very sweet cat.

Marla Rae Morrison said...

awwww! she is soo beautiful! this made me smile! thank you for sharing! : )