Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i've got my love to keep me warm.

I can't really explain why but I've always had a love for sweaters and cardigans. Especially cardigans. Especially especially vintage cardigans. And especially especially especially old lady/grandpa style cardigans.

My roommate teases me because every time I go thrifting I come home with more cardigans. I leave all the tags on them and drool over them for days before deciding to part with them. My coworkers laugh at me because they don't understand why I always buy "old lady clothes" but seriously, old lady cardigans have the best buttons and pockets and patterns while Grandpa cardigans are so warm and cozy and have the best shape.

But lately my vintage clothing obsession has gotten out of hand. I created an excel spreadsheet to list all the things that I need to list in my store rather than horde in my two closets, one armoire, and two big tubs. The list got to 80 items and I became overwhelmed and shut the window. I spend more time organizing and taking pictures of my vintage finds than I do listing and making a profit. I really really love all my vintage clothing. It has become increasingly harder for me to part with things lately. I would wear everything in my shop in a heartbeat, but rent money is also good. I usually go thrifting with the intent to buy things I can resell and by the time I get home I've fallen in love and my roommate is throwing a fit that we can't keep everything.

The amount of vintage shoes we have yet to list is incredible. For now we are learning to part only with things that do not fit us. We will soon venture into the things we love but do not "need".

For now, here are pictures of the latest "loves of my life" that I have listed for resale.

All of these cardigans can be found and purchased at my etsy shop.

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