Tuesday, December 9, 2008

and the winner is...


first name i drew out of my little sparkly basket and she gave me some really sweet and great advice :)

email me at prudence.sells@gmail.com with your name and address and i will send you your lovely bobby pins as promised!

thanks everyone who participated. you gave me some really nice advice. i've been trying to persuade my hair to fall to the side again but it is going to take at least three more weeks of growing out. i'm still really considering chopping it off shoulder length and i promise i will donate it, as suggested if i do.

i'll be doing another blog give away over the christmas break when i go home to visit my family. i bought a ton of felt and i want to start sewing again so it will probably be something handmade. check back in about two weeks if you're interested in participating again. it was tons of fun!

i'm also thinking about doing some pifs. does anyone do those anymore? or should i just keep up with the blog giveaways?

also...anyone else experiencing an increase in sales? i've sold six items in three days!! woo hoo! is it just me or were all my efforts totally worth it? i hope i hope i hope :)

also, anyone have any advice on how to discourage your kitty from pulling out her stitches? i will be calling the vet tomorrow because it seems she is really opening it back up or at least irritating it. i've been watching her like a hawk but i have to sleep sometime. you know?


Digital Misfit said...

yay me! Please post pics of your hair when the final decision re: bangs is made :)

I vote for more blog giveaways instead of pifs. Pifs are lovely, but giveaways help you promote your shop and blog - and they run for a period of time. Pifs can be gone in a few seconds after posting.

A little polysporin on kitty's stitches may help her not have the urge to take them out - it could take away some of the itch.

Forever Foxed said...

Here in the UK we say "fringe" instead of "bangs". But bangs is funnier!
I agree with Digital Misfit that blog giveaways are better as they stick around longer.