Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Aagh. It's been nearly a week since I updated. I always have high hopes for what I will accomplish with each week but I guess I have a bad case of ennui. Or maybe it is the fact that Austin has become increasingly more cold and we cannot afford to turn on the heat. This results in me only leaving my apartment to go to the post office and to work once or twice a week.

I overdrafted my account yet again this week which totally stinks. It means that anything I make in sales goes towards paying that off. Maybe quitting my job right before the holidays wasn't my smartest idea but it wasn't my dumbest. I guess.

Prudence got fixed a week and a half ago and I over reacted. It was one of the saddest thing I've ever seen though. She looked really skinny and deflated when I picked her up. She smelled DISGUSTING...like urine and iodine. Her tummy was shaved and all her cute cowlick was shaved off. She had big stainless steel stitches sticking out that she kept pulling at and she was in a daze and sleeping all the time. She did not say a word for a week. Did not eat anything but wet cat food (a rare treat reserved only for such occasions that I feel bad). And she made these pathetic sounds whenever she would try to jump on the bed or get into her litter box. I did not sleep the entire 24 hours that I waited to go pick her up. I picked her up the minute the vet opened. I went to Target while I waited because I didn't want to go home after my 9 am class let out and bought her a new pink litter box so she didn't have to crawl into her cabinet litter box, wet cat food, and looked long and hard for a sweater she could wear. I am constantly on the hunt for a sweater for my cat. Is that creepy? Have I become THAT person yet? She is really tiny so I can't get her something for a dog. But she is always cold and shivering and seems to like to wear the sock clothes that I make for her.

Anyway. My entire week was filled with sympathy for my sad and pathetic kitten. She loved me so much during that week too. She hated my roommate and seemed to blame all of her sorrows on Jenifer. She cuddled me. Tapped me with her nose and paws. She let me pet her endlessly which is something she usually does not let me do. She stopped biting and clawing and started sleeping under the covers again, which is something I adore. I love her endlessly but she is really an awful cat. She is always misbehaving and flinging herself at things and shredding some paper or making as much noise as she possibly can. To watch her sleep for a week straight, to not see her play with anything at all, and to worry and have to monitor her at all times for fear that she would rip open her wound (we had some really big scares as she bled a few times and oozed), was really hard for me. She is my first pet and I empathize with her as if she were my child.

The past three days Prudence has slowly started becoming her old self again. She has started talking but only a tiny bit. She eats constantly again. She plays loudly in the early morning and claws at the door to be let out, which I do not allow. She must learn to not whine or beg to be let out of my room every morning. She can play with her toys or whatever, but I'm not going to pay to repair the door because she couldn't wait TWO more hours for me to wake up. She's a kitten. But I'm stubborn too.

ANYWAY anyway anyway. I never got around to showing you what I got for myself over Thanksgiving break. I bought this really amazing pattern from the 1940s that I bought from the cutest old lady who thought I was the cutest young lady. She was fascinated with the fact that I sew (not very well), have an unhealthy collection of vintage pictures covering every wall in my apartment (I will have to post pictures later), and that I sell vintage clothes and stuff online. She wanted me to buy all the patterns and see if I could sell them. She was charging me too much for it to be worth it but it was tempting.

The best part of this pattern is that it has never been cut and is my EXACT size/measurements. I'm still trying to lose more weight but I don't think I can lose too many more inches so that this dress would not fit me, but if so, I will just sell it. It looks hard though. They don't word the instructions the same as the modern patterns and like I said, I'm not much of a seamstress and I don't really understand darts and marking your fabric and such. I cut a lot of corners when I sew and usually do something wrong and have to rip out seams. I bought a really cool dress at a thrift store that is silky and has elephants on it that I'm going to cut apart and use to make this dress. I want to try to one with the ruffles but I'll probably do the other style first.

Oh. and Prudence obviously feels better today and tried to help me take pictures. Thanks Prudence!


V. Morsse said...

Awww. Prudence looks a lot like my cat, Q. I totally know how you feel as a worried "mommy" to your kitten. I get the same way.

See Q here.

Angie said...

What a lovely kitten and I love that dress pattern!

Pippa said...

I'd be going for the one with ruffles. Easier neckline as they aren't exact whereas the other one (with facings?) is.

Darts aren't difficult. Neither is marking stuff up. Just take it a step at a time and don't rush it. Good luck.

Baby_Tease said...

I just had my kitten, Bella, fixed a few weeks ago and know exactly how you feel. They gave her too much anesthesia and said it was something else. Prudence sounds like she is bouncing back, like any healthy kitten would. In a few months she will calm down some.

boylerpf said...

AAhhhh...Prudence is beautiful! What a big help with pics too ;-)! There is nothing like a vintage dress pattern & how lucky to find one uncut! Great blog!

Forever Foxed said...

Fabulous pattern! Hope Prudence is better now!