Wednesday, December 3, 2008

hair advice and a blog giveaway

I've been thinking a lot lately about doing a blog giveaway and have decided to make it self centered and selfish and such.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was sick for multiple weeks and was unaware that my bangs had grown out to such an unattractive length. These bangs were a mix of an experiment and an accident. My mom is always on me about cutting my bangs. She wants me to do the "Audrey Hepburn" look but my hair has become quite wavy lately and just won't do it. Or didn't do it so I decided to make them straight across Blair Waldorf bangs which looked especially bad on my round face and I ended up with crooked, unphotogenic pin-up style bangs. I swore I would let them grow out (which they have) and get them professionally cut. But now i am TORN.

I also realize that I didn't take many pictures of my bangs when they were fixed. So I only have one or two bad photos of them in their glory.

Here is where the blog giveaway comes in. Leave me a comment telling me how I should or what I should do with my bangs. Cut them really short and fifties? Grow them out and sweep them to the side? OR should I chop my ridiculously long hair off like the last photo? I'm getting kind of old for such long locks? perhaps? (It's to my waist currently)

In return, I will write your names on bits of paper and draw a name and give you a pair of vintage button bobby pins. In the theme of pulling hair and bangs back, I thought they were an appropriate giveaway. Plus my camera is dead and my new camera refuses to let me upload new photos so I'm left with the understanding that my photos stink. I can't take better photos of these particular bobby pins and they photograph terribly. They are really really pretty in real life and some of my favorites. I think they are a good prize. And shouldn't cost too much for me to ship ;)

So comment away. There is no right or wrong answer. And there aren't really any good pictures so it's mainly just for fun and I probably won't take your advice anyway. haha. Just comment with an opinion and I'll enter you in my drawing. What fun!

here are my bangs in order from newest (all grown out and wavy) to oldest.

and here is what they would look like more grown out and side-swept.

and here is what it looked like MANY years ago when i first started growing out my hair. i would need to cut about seven inches to get to this length.

Also. If you're interested, check out my other vintage button bobby pins and rings that I have for sale in my vintage store :)


Mrsfatface said...

I would say cut your hair. Everyone once in a while it is good to have a change. So I would go with a cut that is slightly longer than shoulder length with side swept bangs.

Mrsfatface said...

I meant to say "Every once in a while....not everyone. :P

Sandie said...

I would do the side swept bangs! I think that would be a great look for you! =)

esque said...

I'm voting for the sideswept bangs too!


Digital Misfit said...

The bang dilemma is as old as the ages. They always seem like a good idea "at the time". Weeks pass and hair grows - and nothing grows out worse than bangs (except side layers...dont even get me started on those!).
I have had super short hair and waist length hair, and everything in between.
Don't be afraid to cut and experiment. Hair grows back!
The pinup bangs are actually quite suited to your look, but the sideswept longer fringe has a softer, more natural look.
So if you want to channel your inner diva, go with the pinup, if you want to celebrate your earthy goddess self, go sideswept.
Either way, you will look fabulous!

joye68 said...

I really love your hair. It's sinfully gorgeous! While I think the short bangs are quite attractive (in a Betty Page fashion, the Audrey Hepburn thing would be awesome as well. (

I much prefer the sideswept look on your page. You can always fix your hair a little differently with longer bangs, especially if you are going for the retro look. If you can't really decide to completely lop it off all one length, perhaps you could consider a Twiggy 70s style?
This has short bangs, long bangs and length. You could do the complete chop... but in stages!Otherwise, going back to liking the sideswept look... you can do things like this (which I think is GAWJISS - as is said here in the south!):
I like this one, too:

If you do decide to go short(er), I think this next pic would look great on you. Of course it has longer bangs but then you can always use one of your super cute bobbies and pin them back. I think this would be great for wavy hair!

Ok... that's all I have for now... holler back at me if you have any questions.

Sascha said...

Funny, I stumbled on your giveaway, and end up working! (I've been a hairstylist for 10 years) I've always been a fan of the vintage bangs like in the first 2 pics. I think your hair should be brought up a bit overall just to make the look more cohesive. It doesn't always fit when you have very structured bangs, and then long hair that is flowing all over the place! I think these bangs also look great on your face! It's a hard look to pull off!
In the end, whatever makes you comfortable with what you see in the mirror is what I would do if you were my client! Good Luck!

Karen Beth said...

My choice would be to leave it long and go for the side-swept bangs. You look like a model with the bangs like that!

V. Morsse said...

Might I suggest something I've done from time to time (I wish I had a photo on hand to share, but alas I'm at work!): Bangs cut at an angle. They start off really short on one side and end up the same length as your side-swept bangs on the opposite side. It's super cute, edgy and really brings out your cheekbones. Worth a try! I'd keep the long hair -- it looks great on you.

Sarah said...

I would say grow and sweep.

Little Lovables said...

Cute!~ I am a hairstylist as well and I agree with what the other stylist said. If you want to keep the cropped Audry bangs, then bring up the sides of your hair... do a short a line bob (kind of Amelie style)! that would look excellent on you.

Or, I am really digging the side swept bangs. Get those to layer out nto some chunky long layers, taht will give you a new take on your long look.

Little Lovables said...

and what is up with all my typos!? sorry!

Maren Layne said...

I'm gonna go with Little Lovables and suggest the short/bang Amelie style.

Antebelle said...

looks like I'm in the majority- i say side swept and an overall shortening! I love your hair in the pic of you in purple lace!
(this was a really smart way to get opinions, btw! I might have to try this! lol)

ModFarmgirl said...

I like the cute old-fashioned look the bangs give. I love long hair, but I do like those last pics of you with shoulder length hair and bangs a bit to the side. Very nice!

But, there comes a time for change. So, grow your bangs out, leave your hair long, and get dreadlocks. After you get board of dreadlocks (or you get tired of everyone you know giving you weird looks and asking you what on earth made you do it), shave it all off and start afresh with your hair. If you decide to do the whole "shave year head after dreadlocks" idea, you can enter the contest on my blog for a hat....
I hope this helps! (Great blog, btw!!!)


W. J. St. Christopher said...

Grown out and sideswept.

Make it so!

Anonymous said...

Definitely grown out and side-swept, though I'm a little biased because that's how I've had my bangs for many years now...

Vidia2Be said...

I would do the side swept bangs too!!! Honestly if there longer you can pull them or pin them back so its more versatile and with them shorter its hard to do anything with them!