Monday, December 8, 2008

ok. so i'm trying to take "an outfit a day". even if i just wear my pajamas all day long i'm going to try and change into something to take my "outfit" for the day picture.

i tried taking four outfit photos last get ahead and my tripod that i just got fell or something and all i got were pictures of my feet. it was really annoying so i gave up.

tonight i was lazy but still determined. the lighting was bad and my hair was yucky but i wanted to take my photo so here it is.

tomorrow i will announce the winner of my blog giveaway. thanks to all of you who participated. i'm going to work on growing them out i guess. but then again...

i've been really digging these shoulder length hairstyles lately. but i know i'd be sad to cut off three years of NO haircuts. i already cut off three inches a month ago. we'll see.

and as per usual, the ankle boots and cardigan are for sale in my vintage store.

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