Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have been very bad with money this month. VERY bad. I don't even remember what I spent it on. Cheap beer and hookers? Probably just groceries. I'm going to be short $50 this month on rent. WAT? Who does that? Did I really need those extra trips to McDonald's? Oh well. I'm listing new things right now on EBAY and maybe this will be the week that I actually sell more than I don't sell. Our first week we sold 8 out of 20 and this week we sold 7. We don't have much feedback. I know this. But still. The things I felt for certain would sell didn't and random strange things did. Here's to hoping.

I thought it would be funny to start posting the outtakes from our "photo shoots". I checked with my roommate and she said she is OK with that. They're more funny than embarrassing. I deleted all the ugly ones and kept these two because I think they are funny.

Will have 10 new items up within the hour and 10 from last week. Come on EBAY. Pay my rent!


Click on the banner above to visit the store :D

Oh and here's a picture of me for good measure. I ignored everyone's advice and chopped off my bangs yesterday. I only hate them in pictures. In real life I actually like them. I think they need to be rounded up and not rounded down on the corners but I think they'll grow out nicer this way. And the way my hair grows, they will be down to my eyebrows in about 2 weeks!


Little Gray Pixel said...

I just thought of another random eBay tip: Try setting your auctions to end on Sunday (but not on holidays or days like the Superbowl, for example). Apparently people like to surf the Bay on Sundays while eating ice cream. I know, it's very scientific. ;-)

Little Gray Pixel said...

Duh, your auctions DO end on Sunday. Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to dispense of useless advice. Ha!

LadyRed said...

I love the outtake pics! I might even like them better than the posed shot... it gives a sense of personality. I like the bangs too... very Betty Page!