Monday, January 19, 2009

new EBAY store!!

I wish I could say that I could resolve to post more often and then I would do it. But I keep forgetting and then being too tired to post whenever I remember.

It's been two weeks since my last post. Since my last post I was sick (again), throwing myself a pity party, cleaning my apartment, and preparing for my NEW EBAY STORE!!

My roommate created a new banner for us which you can see on this journal. She simply changed the title of each banner so we can have one for my blogger, one for our etsy, and one for our EBAY.

I think it looks amazing. What do you think?

Starting an EBAY store is harder than it looks. EBAY is harder to figure out (in my opinion) than etsy; but we have heard wonderful things about selling vintage on EBAY and I've been stalking some similar vintage sellers' EBAY stores and some of the things they sell sell for over $100! And I'm talking items nearly identical to what I have to sell. So we gave it a shot.

It took many hours of photoshop and many many hours of altering and hemming dresses and many more hours of photographing them.

My dad helped me design a "set" which consists of a Ralph Lauren sheet from TJ Maxx and two 1"by2"s and three of those spotlights with super special light bulbs. This set did not come complete with a better camera however and most of my pictures turned out blurry. I will try a tripod next time but no promises.

Many hours later and the agreement that if my roommate would play model, I would play photographer, editor and list all the items on EBAY, later and we have launched our new site!

Please go and check it out and give us some feedback. Any tips on how to improve or on how to better make use of EBAY is totally rad. Please add us to your favorite stores and feel free to bid on our listings as well!

We're still keeping our etsy. We'll make listings inactive while they are listed on EBAY and keep the shoes, men's vintage, accessories and vintage home decor on etsy for now. It's already proving a pain to promote both stores and I'm afraid that my promoting for etsy is slacking...but still excited about trying out EBAY!

If you click on the picture at the top of this post it will take you straight to our EBAY :)

Here are some pictures of my personal favorites that we have listed for auction this week!

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Little Gray Pixel said...

Good luck! eBay is harder work in some respects, but you have a huge audience at your fingertips. I'm still trying to get used to Etsy, where I have to whore myself out just to get some page views. Sales? Forget about it!