Saturday, February 7, 2009

New February's resolutions!

This is a picture I took to document a particularly good hair day. However Blogger resizes everything and it's hard to tell that my hair looked AMAZING that day. Perfect amount of wave and curl and straight bangs. Not a cowlick in sight! In this picture it looks messy. In the bigger picture I am a vision. A vision of perfect hair loveliness ;P

Completely unrelated...

I've been really slacking off lately.

I haven't painted in a year. I haven't sewn in weeks. I haven't exercised since Monday and before that in MONTHS. I'm not in school right now even though I really should be. I only work 4-8 hours a week at a local museum and in my free time I pretend that I sell vintage items online. But really?

My New Years' resolution was to get my stuff in gear. I will admit it's been a bit depressing to see how much I've let suffer while I slack off. But starting this week, I decided that enough was enough!

First off, I apologize to anyone I let down with all my slacking. I tend to boo hoo instead of taking charge of my life.

Second, I finally got my car "running" again today. I need to fix the tail lights and brake lights, windshield wipers and driver's side door in order for it to pass inspection and get an oil change. It's going to be a busy Monday, that's for sure.

Tomorrow I need to finish sewing dresses and get them in the post on the way to the car place on Monday.

I gained quite a bit of weight due to boo hooing and extreme illness followed by extreme fatigue followed by more boo hooing. I've lost nearly half of that weight gain over the last few months and it's time to pick it up again! People keep reminding me to do yoga/pilates. I'm not gonna lie. I hate those two sooooo much. I hate things that hurt and I hate things that are hard and I hate things you can't do while watching television. But I PROMISE all of my readers that keep encouraging me to do these things (and I promise you too mom) that starting tomorrow I will do yoga/pilates every day.

You can encourage me by reminding me? That would be fantastic. I need that extra kick in the pants.

What New year's resolutions have you slacked on? I encourage all of my readers to use this week to start those up again! It's not too late. Just imagine how good you will feel when you start meeting your goals and crossing things off your never ending to do list! I know I feel ten times better this week having met at least four of my goals!

That's all for now. Just some self -reflection and honesty for today.

To reward you, here is a picture of my sleeping kitten :)


hannah + landon said...

hi lady, a brief note to thank you for sharing your story with me! i very much enjoyed reading it!

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Dear Prudence,

Good for you!

Like youself, I'm trying to take back some control of my life this year. I've taken some very tangible steps in that direction, but admit that it still feels like an uphill climb.

Nevertheless, we're brilliant, beautiful, strong women and everything is within our reach.

That's my story, and I'm sticking stickin' to it. ;-)

This is me, sending positive vibes your way. ~ whoooshhh whooooshhh ~ Here they come!!!

Little Gray Pixel said...

Hey there! I've been missing your posts in the blogosphere ... hope you stop by soon and let us know how you're doing.

Little Lovables said...

I totally understand your post. Don't beat yourself up about it though, everyone goes through this at times.

Besides, you were sick and had a sick car, those things can really get yout down and then it snowballs from there.

But good for you for regaining control! You will feel so much better once you invite structure and creativity back into your life, I know those two things help me tremendosly when I fall off the wagon!

Take care, your hair does look great in that pic by the way!